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Clara Rothenbush

9d5141_f4df79fe346447c4bf5968bac44128b2~mv2.jpgThis is me! I’m kind of a quirky

75 year old. Not the usual.

Anything but usual.

My early life was a mess, huge

mess, so I went in search of security. I wanted to feel good. Trying the seamy side of life didn’t work and cost me dearly. I lost 10 years of my adult life. I lost a lot more than years.

Then I tried being really conservative, and that didn’t work either. I kept saying things that were even too conservative for my new-found church family. Dropping that, I moved from group-to-group, exploring philosophies and theologies, imitating people I admired. I liked it all, found parts of each I embraced.

But there was never that ONE. That ONE place that took care of everything. All my need for comfort and understanding and connectedness while satisfying my brain. That part of my brain/soul that kept screaming “There’s something wrong with all of this!” The part of my brain/soul that said “STOP!”

And so I did. I stopped everything, although not of my own choice, I must say, and that put me on a journey to find, not where I could fit in, but where I wanted to be. To find ME, the real me. And peace. And calm.

It’s a long journey, not one we embark on and just get “there”. We walk it, walk it slowly.

I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts each week. Sometimes a poem, sometimes a trip that was meaningful, maybe even a photo or recipe. Often an essay I’ve written. Just some things I’m doing in the adventure we call life.

If you want to comment, you can say it in the “contact” tab.

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