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Wisdoms Gathered Reaching over 70… Adventures Pursued on the Road to 100!

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Thinking articles are about my thoughts and musings. What’s been on my mind?


Every fall I go away for an extended time alone in a cabin in the woods and I’m off to do so again in a few days. I’ve chronicled it in previous posts.  I choose state park cabins because they are fairly primitive: no TV, no internet, heat by wood stove. There are lots of…

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I have just turned 78!! Getting older never bothered me much, but as my body is catching up to the numbers, the last few years have given me pause to think about what I want to do with my remaining “perky” years. Someday travel will be too exhausting, it almost is now sometimes. Someday my kids…

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Doing articles are about what’s been keeping me active. What have I been up to?


OK, here’s what I’m thinking, as I’m way past midlife. At almost 78, I guess I’m an endlife girl! I used to see life as a series of many stages or phases, 1, 2, 3, etc; but now I’m thinking maybe not so much. Maybe only two.  First we build and explore in order to…

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I have a very long dining room table. It sits 16 people before the leaf is added! I treasure the many  family dinners here, crowding in, bumping shoulders. My grand-daughter chooses the linens and plates and tablecloth. We line the silver and glassware along the table Martha Stewart style.  It broke my heart to give…

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Experience articles are about the variety of life and the lessons learned. What keeps me growing?

To Write or Not? (When I don’t feel like it)

First, a bit of clarification might be useful about my article on the strength of my Aunt Marian. I certainly am not implying that any woman must stay with a drunk or abusive husband. I do not admire her because she did that. I have no idea how she decided that she would not kick…

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This Was My Aunt Marion

In my last article I promised to write short bios of the strong ladies in my family, the history I have listening and observing them as I grew up: here’s the first. This was my Aunt Marian. We always called her that. Never simply ‘Marian’. Had to be ‘Aunt’. It was that way in my…

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