I need a re-start button.

January 26, 2019

I need a re-start button.

My phone has one, so does my laptop.

When they get all crazy

I push a button…and boom!

For a breath-taking moment

The screens go black and silent

Before they come alive again.

Alive again! No static, no rebellion, no laziness.

They act smart, no longer confused.

If I had a re-start button

I could push it when I’m rushing about,

Annoyed, crabby, joyless.

I could push a button and in an instant

Those would go away and I’d be calm.

It’d be good if I had a re-start button.

If I pushed that button the “screen” of me

Would become black and silent.

It would take my breath away, that alone emptiness.

And then I’d come alive again, bright and beautiful,

kind, calm, intentional, frenzied thoughts wiped clean.

All the good working parts of me would be in order.

I’d be alive again,

If only I had a re-start button!

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