November 5, 2018

Just back from my “alone-in a-cabin-survival-girl-in-the-woods-for-days” adventure and have stuff to say about that but want to think about it a bit first.

But I did spend some time thinking about silliness and how much I love it and how little of it I do. So I sat on the couch up there in the woods, cup of tea in hand. With my favorite mug from a best friend. A delicate white mug that has “courage” in black letters on it. She knows they are my fave colors. And I wrote a silly little free verse. And laughed. All by myself up there. In the woods.

So here it is:


I did not make the bed this morning.

Only fluffed up the pillows.

Thinking as I left the room,

“It looks inviting, I’ll nap this afternoon.”

I did not wash the breakfast dishes.

Soaked them in the sink instead.

Watched a mother deer and babe.

Phoned my own grown child, “have a great day!”

I did not sweep the floors.

Left the leaves and crumbs from yesterday.

Be the tokens of our day.

So I smiled at the memories.

Tonight I gathered puffy quilts under my chin.

Snug in my bed I was.

Cherished each moment of the day.

“Tomorrow, there is always tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow I will wash the dishes.”

More about my “trip” next week.

PS: those of you who know me will recognize the humor, as I am often teased for being too organized!

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