Discovering New Roads

December 4, 2018

“Bored” seems to be a bad word nowadays. Something to avoid. Bored at a red light, a commercial, a line at the grocery store, or during a meal? Reach for our phone. Or newspaper or magazine. Or the TV remote. Kids reach for an IPad or other device.

As though our minds must be engaged with activity every moment. I wonder what we are running away from, why we need to be distracted. What are we afraid will happen if we have time to think and feel.

Boredom that we try to run away from hurts! Our heart races and our eyes dart back and forth, wondering where to focus. It can make us think we are a little depressed, or maybe just lazy.

But boredom embraced is wonderful! If I let my mind settle and just be bored sometimes, I discover many new things. New things in the world. New things about myself. About my friends.

I didn’t know drawing something I was looking at could make me feel so happy. I didn’t know I was even a little bit good at it. I’m certainly no artist, but I’m not embarrassed if someone sees my pictures. I have a little handheld sketchbook and every day I draw something. Maybe just that Santa on my bookcase. But something. And when its finished, I feel silly and excited and giggle a little to myself. I didn’t know that when I was too busy to be bored.

Hiking through the woods makes me feel strong and tough. I only discovered it when there was nothing else to do.

If I say “no” to all the usual ways I occupy myself with like errands, dishes, laundry, meetings, volunteering, and even TV and FreeCell, what then? What if I gave them up for one day a week, or one afternoon, or even one hour. And I just sat. Still.

I’ve allowed myself to put aside busyness and just sit. Sit for a time on the couch and stare out the window

until I think of something new to do. Or to write. Or to think about. Or to rest.

Who knows where our minds will wander if we let them. What will come to live in those empty places? What new roads will we travel?

I know.


Fresh Insights To Problems.

And maybe even some Original Thoughts of our own. Gosh! Go be bored this week!

(CREDIT: I drew the picture from a “Curly Girl Design” greeting card. The words are mine.)

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